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End of the Line

  This week we experienced having to deal with Reading Between the Lines, an emotional roller coaster ride when  traveling down life’s path, becoming emotionally and physically drained and having to Tow the Line to requiring a lift to get to the Top of the Line. We persevered and finally made it to the End...

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Top of the Line

This is one tough week! You are finally over the hump and what you need today is a lift to get you to the “Top of the Line”.

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Towing the Line

Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster ride for you.  Your approach to today is very slow and methodical after having to “Read Between the Lines” and experiencing a day that was emotionally draining as a result of taken a path with “Wavy Lines”. You ask yourself two questions, (1) should I give it my all...

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Wavy Lines

  As we travel down life’s pathway sometimes it can can get a bumpy as we experience emotional highs and lows.

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Between the Lines

  This week I am doing a series on the various phrases of “Lines” and to start the week off on the right note the first picture in the series is titled “Between the Lines”. Sometimes it is always best to “read between the lines” and filter out the truth, because most of todays information...

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